Whether if it’s just for a weekend getaway or a month vacation, the thing that worries and thrills us at the same time is packing our stuff. We always want to make sure everything is neatly packed and secured in our luggage. Which brings us to the question “How can we find the best luggage out there?”. Our answer is to carefully look at the brand. A luggage is also an investment and it would be nice to know the great options available. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best luggage brand out there.



Samsonite is one of the most popular brands of luggage. They have been in the business since 1910. They have long years of experience in making quality luggage. When looking for a luggage you can take with you on your business travels; this may be the perfect fit for you. Their style is classy, elegant and full of sophistication. They sport colors that are a little bit darker. Their luggage is not only stylish but they are very functional and moderately priced too. Their products also usually last longer.



Delsey is a French company that is known for producing not only durable but also beautiful hard-side cases. You can really sense a true Parisian in all of their designs. Though the elegance is present in all of their products, their price remains at mid-range or just a little bit more.


Bob Plath, the founder of TravelPro, has surely made every traveler’s life easy by inventing the Rollaboard(rolling suitcase). The company also is the first one to introduce the USB built-in ports on luggage’s exterior. With its functionality and quality, this is definitely a must-have for professional travelers. It is also the most trusted brand by pilots and other airline crews. They might seem a little bit expensive but they are certainly worth it.

American Tourister

American Tourister is a company owned by Samsonite as well. When it comes to prices, Samsonite is at the higher scope and American Tourister is at the lower end. They have colorful selections of both soft and hardshell cases. If you are looking for a decent luggage but doesn’t want to spend more, American Tourister and Rockland may be a great brand for you.


Rockland could be a perfect choice for budget-conscious individuals. You may find that their luggage has a much lower price. Their design is truly creative and fun. You may also find that the colors they mostly use are bold ones. They also have beautifully designed prints on some of their luggage.  Having a much lower price point, the quality and durability may not be that strong as compared to the others we have on our list. But if you are looking for something low cost, trendy and great for starters- This is definitely the one!