Prada is an Italian brand which became famous because of its luxurious leather bags, shoes, perfumes and other accessories. In fact, it even has its own movie. Remember the movie the “The Devil Wears Prada”? Even though the movie isn’t about the brand Prada, it still highlights Prada’s luxury brand as being one of the most famous in the fashion industry.

When you think about Prada, you think about women wearing Prada. But there are also a lot of items for men that are really must-haves.

Men who have great fashion know that Prada is a great place to get clothes. If you are wondering what the best Prada items you should get are, here is our Top 5.

Prada Fragrances Luna Rossa Men – With a base of lavender, this cologne displays a vigorous aromatic fresh scent. Luna Rossa is a hit among other Prada colognes because of its deep masculine fragrance.

Prada Mohair Suits – If you want to look sharp and charming at the same time, don’t forget to get a Prada Mohair Suit. This suit is a slim fit and definitely has the Italian elegance to it. No wonder stars like Robert Pattinson and John Krasinski are seen wearing them.

Prada Linea Rossa Stubb Eyewear – 

Aviator glasses are hit these days and you will not go wrong by getting Prada Linea Rossa Stubb. It is very lightweight, has a double bridge and it even has unique rubberized ends. It is unquestionably a must-buy for men out there!

Prada Leather Shoulder Bag – Truly simplicity is the best! Prada’s leather bag is simple, elegant and functional. It is made of soft leather and has a zipper closure. This bag is perfect for work but it can also be used for casual outings or events.

Prada Leather and Technical Fabric Sneakers –Brace yourself because this one is a head turner! These sneakers with contemporary lines have a sporty look. The combination of black, blue and red made it look even more appealing.  It’s not just a sneaker; it’s a Prada Shoe that will surely be a valuable addition to your collection.

Go ahead and order online now! This will make a perfect gift for a guy friend or your boyfriend. If you happen to be a man, lots of women will be impressed if you go Prada! We mean P-R-A-D-A!


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