Everyone now is traveling more than ever. Whether it’s for vacation or for work it’s best to be ready when you’re going away for a weekend trip, right? If you have been stressing out of what bag to bring and how will you be able to put all of your things in your bag, this will surely help you. Let’s find out the best travel bags for weekend trips this 2018. 


This is the first one on our list simply because it can protect your valuables and because most of the time, you don’t have to lift it for it has an aluminum rod handle and Ultra Quiet Hinomoto wheels. It is also made of 100% polycarbonate so it is very durable.

You may have the need to bring your work with you and that won’t be an issue at all. Enkloze X1 has a great quick access front loading compartment for your laptop and other gadgets. It is very secure for it has TSA-approved locks.


This Zumit Duffell Bag will surely help you in a lot of ways.  It is available in 2 sizes(45 and 60 liters). There is just tons of space in this bag. This bag was really designed to carry bigger loads so just pack everything inside.

Raining outside? Not a problem at all. This bag is water resistant! Since this has many pockets, you can segregate your smaller items. This would make it easier to find your things. Not only it looks elegant and sophisticated, it is very functional too. You can carry it as a handbag or it can also be turned into a crossbody bag.


Keeping your stuff organized won’t be an issue anymore if you have this bag. It has three compartments which makes organizing easy peasy.  Backpacks allow freedom of movement. For some, this may be the best option because both hands can be free and you can sit and walk in an instant. In looking for a backpack, you must find the one that will sit nicely on your back that also comes with well-padded shoulder straps and Kensington SecureTrek has it all. It is super comfortable!

It is definitely one of the best and the most secure travel bags out there. It has a lock system that allows you to tie your bag to a fixed object so no one would be able to grab or get your bag without you. The zipper is also anti-puncture. It means that no sharp object can easily open the zipper of your bag. Amazing, isn’t it?


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