People have chosen to become vegetarians for a number of reasons. Not eating meat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty meal.  We’ve compiled the top 4 spots and their best dishes for that one fine meatless meal.

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Avant Garden 4.5 stars on Yelp located at 130 E 7th St East Village

Want a perfect spot for a quick breakfast?  Avant Garden has a toasty treat for you! Their best-reviewed toast is Sunchoke for $14 which has olive, pistachio, pickled pear is highly recommended and will get you hooked on your first bite!

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Divya’s Kitchen rated 4.5 stars in Yelp located at 25 1st Ave East Village

Divya’s adopts a worldwide strategy to Ayurvedic cooking by changing encouraging staples, similar to lasagna and risotto, into ingenious creations.

If you are craving for some perfect tasting lasagna for $22, head on to Divya’s for lunch and try one of their signature and most rated dish.  Their vegetarian lasagna has Cashew milk béchamel, broccoli, carrots, spinach, fresh mozzarella, house-made fresh cheese, and a generous amount of basil-parsley pesto that will definitely fuel your appetite!

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Nish Nush rated 4.5 stars in Yelp located at 41 John St Financial District

This stop pride themselves on their all-natural, vegetarian menu with gluten-free options that is authentic and full of flavor

Nothing beats the Falafel trio here in Nish Nush with the big portion being equally appetizing as it tastes for any famished Vegetarian that is on the go. For $12.75 you get to taste all three falafel flavors with sides of Hummus, Israeli salad, White and red cabbage, romaine lettuce, olives, and pickles.Image result for govinda's vegetarian nyc

Govinda’s Vegetarian rated 4.5 stars in Yelp located in 305 Schermerhorn St Brooklyn

This restaurant will serve you a good amount of vegetarian Indian food that is easy on the budget.

Here, $12 can get you a platter of 6 delicious dishes of Cauliflower, beet salad, kofta, black-eyed peas, eggplant parmesan, rice, and dal – finest Indian cuisine.

Through really careful with what they eat, vegetarians shouldn’t have to not enjoy the restaurant life. Check out their websites for their full menu.  Who says vegetarians can’t enjoy good food?



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