Tyler, the Creator is one of streetwear’s most famous icons.  He released his first album in early 2011, and in 2017, he got a Grammy nomination for his mixtape ‘Flower Boy’.  He shifted from a homophobic outspoken poet to a less angry artist which made millennials very, very fond of him.

He told the New Yorker in 2016

“The difference between me and these n***** is that I make what I like.”

He’s now mainly focused on Golf Wang, a streetwear brand that sells hoodies and stickers.

He told Vogue in 2015 that designing has a huge appeal on him.  He said that art was his favorite class as a kid because there were no rules and you can make whatever you want.  He likes the freedom of making things.

In a 2015 Vogue interview, Tyler discusses the appeal of designing over rapping for him:

“Ever since I was a kid my favorite class was art because there were no rules. There are no rules to anything, really. You can make whatever you want. That’s the freedom I get from making things. That’s why I like drawing it out because my mind can go anywhere.”

One of the lyrics of his songs mentioned the brand Supreme, which helped advertise.  In his lyrics he said:

Oh, you wearin’ Vans and Supreme this season? / Stop Lyin’ to yourself, n****, me the reason.

Supreme has been around since 1994 and Tyler was only 3 years old back then, but people mostly credit Tyler for the Supreme brand’s choice of style – long socks, shorts, brightly colored shirts, and sneakers to match.

Tyler uses fashion as a way to stir up controversy like a Nazi symbol with the LGBTQ rainbow colors outlined on the logo.  This is why Supreme has now become a huge name in the streetwear industry. Hats off to Tyler, the Creator.


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