Exercise is an essential piece of everybody’s life no matter how old you are. The rise of various health focuses throughout the nation is one that is created a whole network of fitness gurus and companies. Among these companies are high-end gyms like NYSC and Equinox, both of which offer incredible services. We wanted to see which one is better, so here is a pro-con list that we found to help us in determining which is better. 


NYSC offers many different types of machines and equipment, as well as the XpressLine 22-minute full-body workout regiment. You can attend classes and fitness coach sessions and also stop by the swimming pool or squash courts for some other exercise.

Equinox also offers lots of machines and equipment as well as an assortment of exercise classes. These classes range from yoga to kickboxing to rowing and beyond. A few branches of Equinox also offer swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and even a healthy food bar and childcare.

First Starting

The best thing about NYSC is that there are such a large number of branches throughout New York City. There are more than 55 locations in and around New York City so wherever you are you’ll be able to find a local NYSC.

New York Sports Club membership fees are also very reasonable. When all is said in done, NYSC’s are very clean and well kept. However, some clubs can get very busy, especially during the work week.  

Equinox’ offices are by and large spotless, and very well maintained. Also, there are a lot of towels and hair and body creams for after your post-workout shower. Some Equinox can also become super busy during peak hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

NYSC offers the better monthly fee than Equinox, and there are also more locations available. The offices are by and large perfect too. The disadvantages to NYSC are the huge classes at peak hours and the very small locker rooms in specific locations.

Equinox has the benefit of perfect and roomy locker rooms, and the machinery is constantly new and well maintained. There is also a more extensive assortment of classes offered, and the staff is cordial and extremely knowledgeable. Furthermore, the offices have extra amenities including swimming pools, juice bars, and childcare. On the negative, Equinox is really expensive and can get really busy amid peak times.



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