Gucci is an Italian brand owned by a French company while Luis Vuitton is a bonafide French brand. Since a lot of people has now become brand conscious primarily because of social media, many people may now be wondering which fashion brand really brings the true luxury and style.


We personally think that Luis Vuitton has slightly more wow factor on how they work on their shoe designs. You may think it might be hard to incorporate the classic Louis Vuitton logo and look into their shoe collection. But they were able to make it elegant and beautiful without disappointing anyone.

Gucci shoes, on the other hand, still have great shoe pieces. In terms of making them, they are a bit more experimental with colors and styles. Thanks to their new creative head Alessandro Michele.


Louis Vuitton is more on the classy side with their simple cut and few additional details. They work more with solid colors than patterns.

Gucci has a much more vibrant approach to dresses and other clothing pieces. Floral and patterns can be seen more often in their collection.

Other Accessories

When it comes to other accessories such as scarves and pieces of jewelry, I think it’s really hard to decide whether one is better than the other. When it comes to scarves, LV goes for neutral and pastel colors while Gucci goes for more Italian flag colors and other unique patterns. For Jewelry, we think Gucci has more to offer. They have a great collection of fine, silver and fashion pieces of jewelry.


You have got to give this one to LV. They have great handbags for both the young and the old. Aside from the classic deep colored Louis Vuitton bags, they also have bright and fashionable collections of handbags as well.

Gucci has more deep solid colored bags and real Italian inspired pieces.

Overall, we think Louis Vuitton has a slight edge over Gucci because of their classy and timeless designs. But that can change in a short span of time. Just recently, Gucci’s web traffic increased tremendously even going further than 4 Million. With a new creative director and a very effective digital team, Gucci may surpass Louis Vuitton’s success pretty soon.



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