People often misunderstand why we put so much money and so much time into buying sneakers. They are still left wondering why younger generations work summer jobs or save their allowance for a release. People don’t seem to understand why we patiently wait for a store to open to the point of camping out the evening before a sale or a release. They also don’t seem to get how important it is for us to have the limited edition pair of kicks.

Sneakers to us are more than just a pair of shoes. They are something we feel deeply passionate about. The swoosh, the jump man and the famous three stripe logo- when we see them – they just suddenly make our eyes wider. In an instant, our minds will be in calculator mode figuring out how we can afford to buy our next new pair.

Sneakercon – The World’s Biggest Sneaker Convention

People would often ask why put money on shoes you seldom wear? Well, the thing is our shoes are our babies. They can’t get wet. No, they can’t! When we go out and we are seen wearing them, it makes us feel proud. It is the unspoken words of admiration of people seeing us that makes our heart leap. It is the feeling of finally collecting something that has great value and being sought after by a number of people. It is the feeling of closeness to a favorite basketball player or celebrity if we happen to afford to buy their limited edition shoe. It is the sense of belongingness to a community that has the same interest that really makes it special. It is the great conversations we get to have with people about our beloved collection. It is the whole experience of buying a new pair of kicks in different stores, on different websites and meeting different people. It is the smell of a new shoe out of an especially made package.  

Versace “Dad” Shoes

I don’t think I’ll ever change how I feel about sneakers. They are just one of the greatest creation on Earth! Perhaps, I need help getting out of this addiction. But I think I’ll always be a Sneakerhead.



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