Sometimes we tend to forget how to stop and smell the flowers because of our busy lives. If you happen to be living in NYC, this might be the case for you. For sure you would love to travel farther than the busy streets you are used to seeing every day.If you don’t have enough budget or if you don’t have the time, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and just sit on the couch.

You can definitely visit the places you’ve been before. We are pretty sure one way or another something has changed that you would find very amusing. Rediscover your city again. Be a tourist in your own city!

Revisit the Famous Landmarks

The Empire State Building, being one of the tallest building in the world can offer you a great view of the New York city skyline. You know how breathtaking that is. You can either reminisce the first time you went to New York or you can just simply admire the view.

A Boat ride to the iconic Statue of Liberty is still fun and exciting. You also have a chance to meet other tourists too. You can meet great people and enjoy watching them marvel at the amazing Statue of Liberty.

Take selfies at the Bethesda Fountain. Ride a rowboat. Take pictures of the Bow Bridge. Walk around Soho. Visit the Belvedere Castle. You can do so much stuff in Central Park alone!

You can also visit Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center and other historical museums.

Soho NYC

Go on a Food Adventure

It’s no secret that New York City is very diverse. The food scene in NYC?-mind-blowing.

You want Chinese food today? Hop in a cab and explore China Town. Do you want pizza? There are over 1000 stores you can choose from. Willing to eat outside? Visit one of many food trucks. Feeling a little romantic? You can actually challenge yourself and visit the restaurants that have been featured in romantic films too. You can visit Katz Deli (When Harry met Sally), Loeb Boathouse Cafe (27 dresses), Buddakan (Sex and the city), Pershing Square (Friends with Benefits) and the Serendipity 3 (Serendipity).

Food Truck Lineup in NYC

There are tons of cafe and bars in NYC. You can also find a lot of food stalls. You’ll never go hungry. Try each of them. Italian, American, Mexican, Filipino, Greek, Indian, Mediterranean- Eat away!

Attend Something

You can either watch a concert, a Broadway show,  a firework display, street fairs, film festivals, film screenings and car shows. You name it, New York has it! Take advantage of these events. Most of them are actually free!