Bulky, over-the-top designs, thick soles with a misshapen outline. You name it. That is what dad shoes are. It used to be unfashionable to wear a pair, reserved only for the dads or dudes who just gave up being fashionable.

Strange as it may seem, this fashion style is making a comeback. Not only are the dad shoes catering to dads every day,  but they are now invading the market.

Balenciaga, a luxury fashion brand from Spain just released their new line of dad shoes with a whopping price of $850 per pair. Wow, that’s crazy! This move by the Spanish luxury label has the celebrities digging this new trend. Jaden Smith, Bella Hadid and of course, the Kardashians have been seen rocking these used-to-be hideous pairs in public.

It won’t be long before teens, fashionistas and trend followers start coming out of the woodwork to show their own pairs in public and on social media. These long-ignored shoes of the olden days are now finally a staple of the fashion wardrobe.

Before going out there and spending hundreds of dollars for a new dad shoe pair, think about this: Are dad shoes here to stay or just another seasonal fad?

Dad shoes were designed for the comfort of our lawn-mowing dads. Would the dads find any practicality in buying some 850 – dollar dad sneakers for day-to-day activities?  If your answer is no, then this dad-shoe trend should be limited for the fashion geeks and will have little chance to be integrated into the everyday outfit of regular men and women.

Aside from that, let’s not forget the “snedge” fad of 2016 (talk about a bad pun). Everybody used to wear that shoes but once the fad had passed, everyone wanted to bury memories of nights out with friends wearing a pair.

Will the dad shoes suffer the same fate as the snedge?

Is it really here to stay? Well, compared with the longest lasting classics in the market, do you think dad shoes can have the same legacy that Adidas’ Stan Smith or Converse’s Chuck Taylor have?



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