Everybody seems to have found more affection for the streetwear style lately. We know all of the great brands of streetwear out there by heart. But who started it first? What are the oldest streetwear companies in the US? Well, you are about to find out.

Stussy (1980)

From selling surfboards and apparel from his car, Stussy has been around for more than 30 years. Today, the brand is still strong and has been doing a lot of collaboration with other artists. Though Shawn Stussy does not own the brand anymore, his legacy continues and his last name is still being used. It is safe to say that Stussy is the grandfather of streetwear. Shawn Stussy will always be part of the brand’s great history and its popularity.

Freshjive (1989)

Freshjive was founded in 1989 by Rick Klotz. It is a Californian streetwear brand that was inspired by surf and skate culture. Back in 2011, it was named as the 4th Greatest Streetwear Brand after Stussy, Supreme and A Bathing Ape.

FUCT (1990)

Fuct is another Californian brand founded in Los Angeles in 1990 by artist Erik Bruneti and professional skateboarder Natas Kaupas. FUCT gained popularity because of its designs that often involve pop culture and a little bit of social commentary.

SSUR (1990)

SSUR is actually RUSS spelled backward. It was founded by Ruslan Karablin who happens to have a Russian heritage. They have always been known for their deep concept graphic T-shirts but they have since added hoodies, pants, shorts and other accessories.

X-Large Clothing (1991)

Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened their first store in 1991 in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Thanks to the eclectic lifestyle of LA, the brand grew in popularity and has been named as one of the original influencers of streetwear culture. Their iconic gorilla logo and their beautiful vintage inspired designs really made this brand a successful one.

Supreme (1994)

Founded by James Jebbia back in 1994, it has become the most successful and the most sought-after brand of streetwear. Supreme has become a fashion staple for all streetwear lovers. Supreme now has 11 stores in total.  



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