Gamers across the nation have been asking Which is better: Xbox or Playstation? Is it a PS4 or XBOX one? We sure hope we can answer you right away but there are lots of things to consider. Let’s have a closer look at all angles to help you decide.

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Currently, there are two versions of PS4. We have the slim version that is slightly cheaper that can do HDR Playback (PS4 Slim) and we have the more capable but much more expensive PS4 Pro.

With XBOX, XBOX One X is the higher powered version while XBOX One S is the smaller discounted version.

Let’s compare the PS4 Pro and the XBOX One X to really see the latest advancements Sony and Microsoft have put into their gaming consoles.


The PS4 Pro is now a little bit cheaper for it came earlier than XBOX One X. You can see its prices online range from $450 to somewhere close to $600 while XBOX One X price is just around $500.

PS4 Pro

  •    Supports the use of external hard drive
  •    Allows internal hard drive upgrade
  •    1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine main processor
  •     Has 8GB RAM
  •    Comes with headset
  •    Ultra HD Blu-Ray players
  •    1080p playback limit
  •    Offers backward compatibility through streaming


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  •    Supports the use of external hard drive
  •    Has more ports for connectivity
  •    Most powerful console with 6 teraflops main processor
  •    Has 8 GB RAM
  •    Has better graphics and visual customization
  •    Ultra HD Blu-Ray players
  •    1080p playback limit
  •    Has an advanced liquid cooling
  •    Hundreds of disc and downloadable older games can work on XBOX One X

Looking at all XBOX One X has to offer, we feel that XBOX ONE X wins over PS4 Pro. The XBOX One X is the most powerful console right now having the Scorpio Engine that bumps the clock speed to 2.13 GHz. The faster the processor the better graphics you’ll have. Plus, with such a powerful machine this could get pretty hot easily. But thanks to their advance liquid cooling solution, this won’t be a problem at all. It is cheaper than PS4 Pro and yet it offers more.




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