Supreme is a clothing brand founded in 1994. It started as a small shop in Lafayette Street, New York. Its creator’s original intention was to sell well designed shirts to skaters but it went further than that. Now, Supreme is a global brand with stores in Tokyo, London and Paris. Today, the brand is worn and loved not only by skaters but well known personalities as well.Image result for james jebbia

It is now 2018 and you may be wondering what James Jebbia and Mark “Gonz” Gonzales has been doing after building a successful clothing brand.

It is good to know that up to this time, James Jebbia is still the CEO and still managing the global brand. He has setup his office just few blocks west of the Supreme shop in Soho, New York. He still goes to work every day and is pretty much still in charge of the day to day decision making for the business.Image result for mark gonzales supreme

How about the Gonz? Mark’s connection to Supreme goes way back, when it was still a small shop in Lafayette. He is one of the first artists to have their artwork printed on the shirt of the brand. It is also important to note that he is the artist responsible for the rework of the brand in 2007. His designs include Ramm, Schimx, Butterfly Clown, Piss Face and the famous Supream.

He still continues to work for Supreme especially with the company’s art installations on its different stores worldwide.


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