Tokyo vs. NYC: Who Dresses the Best?
Tokyo and NYC have always been compared to each other a lot. Each city has been popularly known for its great food, entertainment, and fashion scene. They really stood out among other cities. If you were to ask people nowadays where would they want to go, it’s no surprise you will either hear Tokyo or NYC.

Tokyo being an Asian country, you may find a lot of bright colors in their clothing. They usually go for colorful patterns and playful ensemble. They have a very eclectic taste.

In terms of hair, Tokyo seems to also win the most adventurous hairstyle. Both women and men are not afraid to dye their hair green, bright pink, yellow or just about any glowing colors. When it comes to how they cut their hair, it’s really just very sui generis.

It seems fashion in Tokyo really has stepped up over the years. Their pieces are never boring and they truly are one of a kind. They have belts with pockets, coats with misplaced buttons, ripped jeans, sneakers with heels, mismatched blouse fabrics and colorful high socks. They are very innovative when it comes to their fashion pieces. They love layers of clothing and accessories. They are maximalist. Tokyo’s fashion is all about flaunting your individuality. They keep things vibrant and fresh.

Men’s Streetwear in Tokyo

New York is very much looked up to because they bring sophistication and elegance to the table. They don’t play with wild colors as much as Tokyo does. They usually work with solid monochromatic colors a lot. What you can expect with New York is that they always manage to bring back to life the classic pieces without doing too much. They are not high on accessories but would rather go for a minimalist route. Usually, they get accessories that scream high end or can serve as the focal point of their outfit. They dress a bit simpler but they always leave people in awe of how their clothes were perfectly tailored to fit.

Men’s Street Fashion in NYC

Hairstyling is a bit traditional for New Yorkers. They are not as playful as Tokyo. It seems they are more focus on the volume of their hair and how it perfectly matches their outfit than dyeing their hair with really bold colors. New York fashion exhibits simplicity, elegance, and power. Simple yet strikingly beautiful is the best way to describe it.

NYC and Tokyo both have a different take on fashion. If you were to ask us, we think New York still is the best-dressed city. But Tokyo, being very innovative with their style may be able to get the title soon enough.


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