Food Truck Lineup in NYC

An Overview of Food Trucks
For a city as in a hurry as New York, it just bodes well that food trucks are everywhere—NYC’s food-on-wheels once throwing basic passage like burgers and sausages—have begun equaling the best restaurants. Some of them can be found roaming around while some take a permanent parking spot. With perfect fish and other complex nibbles, food trucks are taking over the streets of NYC by storm.

Let’s check out some of the best food truck there is in NYC!

Hard Time Sundaes – Calling out all the burger lovers out there! There is finally a food truck that serves perfectly off the grill cooked burgers. This may be a little bit on the expensive side but it surely is worth it. Their burgers always taste fresh and juicy. You can definitely order triple cheese and bacon and you will be delighted!

Wafels and Dinges – Who doesn’t love Belgian waffles? Light and fluffy Belgian waffles cook to perfection with sweet syrup and savory flavors. You can also have rich hot Belgian choco to match it with. This is definitely the perfect dessert truck!

Lineup at Wafles & Dinges

Cool Haus Ice cream sandwiches – If you are looking for some sugar boost, you will surely have it by eating one of their wonderfully flavored ice cream sandwiches. Their ice cream sandwiches are customizable depending on your taste. They have a wide variety of ice cream and cookies to choose from. Their cookies are to die for by the way. They are soft and chewy but strong enough to hold the ice cream in the middle.

The Halal Guys – The Halal guys is really a lifesaver. They are often being copied but no one can seem to match the flavors of their food. If you’ve been drinking and want some comfort food before calling it a night, their chicken over rice (with a lot of white and hot sauces) and their lovely gyros are definitely a must-have. The secret is adding lots of white sauce to it. Their super tasty meal can really satisfy your hunger on any part of the day.  

Korilla BBQ – If you are in love with Korean food or would love to taste Korean food-  Head over to Korilla! They have exciting flavors waiting for you. They serve tacos, burritos, rice dishes, and plates of mixed greens loaded with Korean-style meats like ginger chicken, bulgogi, braised pork, and tofu. You can choose from their house-made sauces like sweet and tart Korean hot sauce and cilantro-lime “Green Crack”. Of course, in addition, you can have fresh kimchi. Everyone loves kimchi!

Korilla Food Truck in NYC




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