Streetwear is becoming more and more popular. A lot of celebrities are now digging the streetwear fashion. Who wouldn’t want comfy jeans, a great tee or hoodie, an awesome pair of sneakers and a cool pair of sunglasses, right? Choosing each fashion piece is super fun. It is also a way to flaunt your individuality. It is all about mixing your different pieces together and coming up with a great fashion statement. Check out the top celebrities who are avid streetwear fans.

1. Pharell Williams is known to have his own brand of streetwear. This guy is not only a musical genius but a fashion genius as well. He is the brainchild of Billionaire Boys Club. He said his vision for BBC is to sell what he himself would like to wear.

2. Chris Brown is an avid lover of good shoes from Jordans to Converse to Vans, he is definitely a streetwear fan. His style is very simple yet very spot on. He also seems to wear brands such as Supreme, 10DEEP, BBC, and BAPE.3. The rich executive is almost hard to spot wearing suits on. Instead, he is definitely a person to look up to when it comes to streetwear trends. Jay-Z has been seen wearing Champion in his early days as a rapper. He has also been seen wearing brands such as THE HUNDREDS, BBC, BAPE, PRPS and ROCAWEAR (a brand he co-founded).

4. Kanye West is one of the new generation’s fashion icon. From the shoes that he designs(Nike Air Yeezy and Yeezy Boost) to his fashion line(Yeezy Line), he definitely knows street style.5. Rihanna always turns heads with what she wears. The experimental diva is such an inspiration for modern street style. From the way she wears her jackets to the way this bad girl walks, she is truly a stunner. She also has a collection of streetwear in collaboration with PUMA which is called Fenty PUMA by Rihanna.

6. When not on the catwalk, Gigi pulls off one of the best street styles there is. She adds a classy chic vibe to everything she wears. As for Gigi, it should look and feel high-end. She has been spotted wearing Athleisure and Rebook.

7. Kendall Jenner is often seen wearing street style clothing. She definitely makes dressing up fun. Her style can either be too covered or too risky. She can be seen at times wearing sheer tops that shows her nipples and other times she has layered clothing on. She also has been seen wearing Athleisure.

8. Kylie Jenner. One cannot deny that this make-up mogul is indeed a streetwear fan. Her go-to look is a crop top paired with a jacket/coat and a sneaker. She was also seen wearing the popular streetwear brand Supreme.

9. Justin Bieber is often spotted wearing hoodies and other streetwear staples. He also dropped an exclusive line of merch with Fear of God before. He also has a streetwear collection with Oxygen.

10. Dua Lipa is a trendsetter. From her older music videos, you can tell she is bound to make waves with her street style. She has teamed up with Foot Locker before and she has now a fashion collection with /Nyden.