Over the years, listening to music become more and more accessible. In the early days, you have to have a Vinyl player and Vinyl records just to listen to music. It then evolved to tapes, then CDs and then came the mp3 format. We thought nobody would care enough for good old Vinyl records. But now, it’s back! There is no denying that we really have a thing for the old. We are really sentimental as human beings. Perhaps, most of us can still remember the feeling of excitement buying a new vinyl record of our favorite artist back in the day.
More and more artist are now being discovered and being admired. New generations are now finding ways to feel closer to the artist they fancy. It seems that they have discovered the way to do that is to collect physical items.

One example is Harry Potter. You can download movies online. You can watch it on HBO. You download the books using your IPAD or Kindle. There are tons of picture available on the internet and yet people are still grabbing copies of their books and other memorabilia.

Another example is photos. Everything is digital and easy now. You can easily copy photos from one device to another and yet, more and more people are now raving about polaroids.

Now, vinyl records make a comeback and look like it is here to stay for good. Now that we have discovered that everything becoming digital is great but having both options available is far more amazing.


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