NYC is one of the main four cities that is well known and respected when it comes to fashion. But where does NYC really sit in terms of fashion? It seems that Paris is on top nowadays because many people are inspired by the Parisian style. Who isn’t, right?

Now that it is settled who gets the top spot, we think NYC should get the second spot. You might be wondering why we say that. (Keep in mind we have London and Milan that are also part of the big four.) Well, there are plenty of reasons.

First, New York is a very influential city. We all know that it is not the capital of the United States but still many people would rather go to the Big Apple than other parts of the US. When you are an influential city, people will go to you and follow the trend that you create. When people want to follow the trend, they buy things. Thus in New York, it is no surprise that shops are everywhere. From a start-up clothing brand to high-end boutiques, NYC has it all.

Secondly, New York is the home to famous fashion designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Pnina Tornai, Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi. It is also home to fashionable celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and Naomi Watts.

Third, it is where fashion magic week happens. We are sure that every woman in the world loves the New York Fashion Week and all the new concepts and designs it brings.

Fourth, it is very hard to live in New York so when you are successful, you might want to show it. Some of the most successful people live in NYC and they take pride in being fashionable.

Fifth, New York is very diverse. With many cultural influences, New York boasts a wide variety of fashion inspiration and ingenuity. 



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