When traveling, you are much more concerned about comfort and convenience because when you are traveling, you are really not in your comfort zone. Therefore, you look for gadgets that would be really useful while you are venturing away from home.

Image result for headphones on modelWhen talking to someone or playing music, it is definitely a must to have a great listening device. If you’ve been thinking hard about what to bring with you for your getaway and can’t decide between an earphone and a headphones, this is the perfect read for you. Let’s take a peak at both and then you can choose which best work for you.

Frequency Response

They have bass, mid and treble frequency range and one should not be louder than the other. Ideally, your headphones or earphones should have a flat frequency. When you have a flat frequency you are getting the right audio output as the input. Headphones are far better in this area. With headphones, you hear a cleaner and more accurate sound compared to earphones.Related image

Noise Isolation

Most of the time, when we put our headphones or earphones on, we don’t want to hear any noise or sound in the background. We want to focus on the music that’s currently playing and that’s called noise isolation. It is how well you can listen to the audio file being played. Here the clear winner is earphones. Earphones being so close to the inside of your ears will surely isolate the sound for you.

Noise CancellationImage result for earbuds with model

Every headphones or earphone has a way to isolate sound. It just so happens that earphones do it better. In terms of noise cancellation, it is an add-on feature. Not all devices have it. When your headphones or earphones has a noise cancellation feature, environmental sound such as vehicle noise or an air-conditioner can’t be heard. Headphones may be a little bit better when it comes to noise cancellation for they have a little extra space for electronics to add the noise cancellation. Most headphones come with it already but you may also find expensive earphones too that has noise cancellation features.

Image result for headphones with model

Comfort and portability

Lastly, we are all looking for something comfortable. Earphones may be irritating to our ears. It is just a matter of finding a great match that are extremely comfortable. But for me, earphones may have the edge here over headphones because headphones can be a little bit bulky and may be hard to store inside your bag. Where as for earphones, it is small and easy to put inside your bag and sometimes you might not realize you are wearing them.

Considering everything that has been discussed, we think earphones are far better to take with you on your travels.



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