Supreme was founded by James Jebbia in 1994. James Jebbia is a businessman and a fashion designer who also used to work for a clothing store back in the day called Parachute. Supreme has been in the business for 24 years now. The brand is still living up to its name by being the leading streetwear fashion brand to this day. They now have 11 branches worldwide. I know you might be wondering why this brand is so popular. Check out the reasons why below.

The Original Supreme Team
  1. They keep their supply low.
    The thought of what you are wearing right now, only a few people can afford and have for it’s a limited edition, you must already feel very special. Exclusivity is just the right word to put it. It is indeed a great business model. Supreme saves a lot of money for not having to pay for a huge warehouse to store items and wait for them to sell. In just a matter of minutes, every new item they release gets sold either online or inside of their stores.
  1. They are authentic
    When Jebbia opened his first store he wasn’t looking to be a fashion trendsetter. He simply just wants to have a store that would cater to skaters and other young adults. Being in the business for so many years, their designs and output scream authenticity. It is like “We are the first few who started this and it went big. If you love the brand, knows its history and waited in line to get our product then you are our kind of people. You are authentic as we are.”
  1. They have exclusive collections
    We have a culture where if a collection was released and we love it, we obviously have to collect it all. Since there are only a few of those, you have to work hard to complete it. Many people are probably thinking the same thing. They have to complete the collection too. Now, the law in demand and supply applies. The price of the items will then increase.
2017 Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration
  1. They do collaborations with other great artists
    They always have something new to offer because they work with different artists. They always come up with great design concepts that appeal to wider range of people.
  2. They do collaborations with trusted brands
    Nike, Vans, The North Face, Hanes and Levi’s are just some of the famous brands that they have worked with. These are the brands that most of us grew up knowing. We know their quality and how popular they are. For them to do collaborations with SUPREME does tell an important message. It does tell SUPREME is a trustworthy company too  and that they are part of the big league.
Rimowa x Supreme Collaboration


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