Everyone seems to have grown interested in older things. One way or another fashion pieces from the past still make it to our very modern wardrobe. But what makes retro fashion really special? Why do we always welcome retro back?

  1. The  Colors
    Colors are important and it’s one of the things that makes people more drawn to retro style. Everyone can agree that back in the day, people love bold colors. The bright, lively and flashy ones. It makes everything fun and makes dressing up more exciting. The more colorful your outfit is, the better. It is something that we are now rediscovering.
  1. The Uniqueness.
    Most people nowadays can be a bit predictable when it comes to fashion. We see typical shirts and jeans, blouse and skirts, hoodies and sneakers and the same pattern of dresses all the time. Retro fashion, on the other hand, is more adventurous. The color, the patterns and the cuts of every piece of clothing are quite different.How you will put them all together in harmony is what will make it more unique and more you. It’s always fun to flaunt your individuality.
Gucci Women’s Fall 2018 Collection
  1. The Nostalgia
    Things of the past to most of us will always be interesting. Knowing your elders or movie stars from the past might have worn one of this retro pieces will always be nostalgic.
  1. The Accessories
    Retro fashion is big on accessories. Modern trends of today opt to be more sleek and simple but we all know in our hearts that it is still important to have accessories in our wardrobe. Wearing big sunglasses, hoop earrings, ring bracelets, cocktail rings, and headbands is way more fun.
The Migos Often Wear Large Sunglasses
  1. The Hair and Makeup
    Retro fashion screams confidence. The bigger your hair and the brighter your makeup is, the better. Both hair and makeup have to be spot on. Both women and men spent hours on their hair teasing it or curling it. Retro Fashion will always be dope because it is really the epitome of fashion. You have to have wonderful pieces of clothing, accessories and a fully made up look. It is the real deal.


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