Athleisure – a reigning trend over the last few seasons that is gaining popularity with women as well.  It’s all about track pants, sneakers, hoodies and everything else in between. Sneaker culture is becoming more and more rampant and women are now starting to contribute to the make the ‘tribe’ even look better.Image result for women designer

Though the streetwear industry is male-dominated, more women are slowly engaging the trend even it doesn’t seem very welcoming to women.  There is indeed a lack of prominent female fashion icons in the industry, but trendsetters like Rihanna are biting the bullet.

Streetwear is a culture that is built on a sense of community.  Streetwear is doing the opposite of what luxury brands, especially women’s brands,  which promotes an air of unreachable, luxurious state – Streetwear wants to be as attainable as it can get, but only for men.

The very idea of the evolution of streetwear is to be anti-”fashion”. This simply means that you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to think about how people perceive you.  Now, it turned out to be a fashion craze, and men have fallen for it. Streetwear has become a game-changer in men’s fashion. And now, women are in it to redefine it.Image result for women designer

What eludes women from the streetwear fashion craze is being stereotyped as gay or lesbian. As streetwear is very casual and laid back, and mostly consist of sneakers, hoodies, large sweaters, and baggy track pants, most people perceive that the women who wear streetwear are LGBTQ.  This notion may take some time to change but hoping that more and more women streetwear icons come out to disprove this.

Grailed, a shop for menswear, already launched a female version called Heroine, and it is now a popular spot for women to buy streetwear. There are also female-starred digital sneaker shows which showcase women who love streetwear.  Nike is also designing a second women’s Air Jordan.

There is still a need for more female streetwear designers to join the market.  Designer Heron Preston said on his Instagram account that “This is the year of the woman!” implying that it’s time streetwear embraces the female population in its culture.  Men and women just need to work together to make this happen.


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